Strengthening the independent film industry,

by giving you the opportunity.


Barcelona Indie Awards is your entry point to the Spanish and European film market!

Our target is to find talented filmmakersscreenwriters and help them to raise awareness of their work in an international film competition.

“Indie film isn’t dead, it just grew up.”

Kevin Smith



It is an unique opportunity for you to speak about your work and career to a wider audience. During the interview process you will likely be asked about your background, your writing/production process, the inspiration behind your work, and your goals for the future. You may also be asked to provide insights into the industry and to share advice for aspiring filmmakers/screenwriters. We might also ask you about your recent projects and upcoming releases. The Spotlight/Interview will be afterward published on our website as well as on our social medias and can be enriched with photos, social media and IMDb links. The goal of the interview is to promote you and your work and create awareness of your brand among the audience.


Winter Edition 22/23

The last live screening in Barcelona was a phenomenal experience. The energy and enthusiasm of the audience and directors were palpable as they cheered and applauded the talented filmmakers and their work.

The diversity and creativity of the films on the big canvas truly showcased the best of independent movies at Barcelona Indie Awards festival.

The evening culminated in an award ceremony, where the deserving filmmakers were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional work. It was an unforgettable night, filled with passion and appreciation for the art of independent cinema.


Whether you’re curious about general information or upcoming screening, we’re here to answer any questions.