Laura Muñoz Liaño is a versatile filmmaker born in Sevilla in 1976. She is a screenwriter, consultant, script analyst, director, and producer at Producciones 24Violets. As a screenwriter, she co-wrote the TV movie “Violetas” and its series adaptation, receiving awards for her work. Laura has also directed and written several short films, including “Ciudadanos de ninguna parte” and “Enjauladas.”

In 2023, she directed and wrote the documentary “JESUCRISTO FLAMENCO WORKSHOP,” exploring the creative process of a flamenco opera for cinema. The documentary featured renowned stars such as Arcángel and Carmen Linares and premiered at the Seville Film Festival.

Currently, Laura is working on various projects, including the documentary “INDESTRUCTIBLES” about Berlanga and the horror-fantasy feature film “KOKORO,” which she co-directs and co-produces with Almudena Verdés. She is also involved in the production of the thriller “LOS DÉBILES” and the project “MANITAS DE PLATA” in collaboration with French producers.

In addition to her filmmaking career, Laura runs Consultoría 24Violets, providing comprehensive script services for film and TV. She has also served as a jury member for film festivals and awards, demonstrating her commitment to the industry.

Every musical work begins around a table where the creative team discusses the approach to the script, choreography style, lighting and stage design, and musical arrangements. This documentary captures the creative process preceding the musical film ‘Jesucristo flamenco.’

Producer Antonio Pérez, musical director Alfonso Casado, composer Pepe Begines, and myself delve into this journey of creation.

This documentary, a pioneering endeavor of its kind, draws inspiration from films like Louis Malle’s ‘Vanya on 42nd Street,’ which explores Chekhov’s work scripted by Mamet. It promises to engage not only musical enthusiasts but also those intrigued by the artistic complexities of production.

The film on which this documentary is based follows the Spanish cinematic tradition of portraying flamenco through the ages.

Just as Edgar Neville’s ‘Duende y misterio del flamenco’ in the 1950s and Carlos Saura’s productions in later decades captured the essence of flamenco, our workshop serves as a platform to assess these incredible flamenco artists’ interpretive skills.

To modernize the visual aesthetics, mirrors are utilized to reflect a reality where creative possibilities multiply, inspired by Agnes Varda’s techniques in films like ‘Cleo from 5 to 7’ and ‘The Beaches of Agnes.’

Emanuel Loarca is an actor, writer, director and producer. His artistic debut was with The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre’s The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian Directed by Miriam Colon, back in 1998. Since then, he has performed in over ninety plays for the Latino and American Theatre. In New York City he earned an HOLA Award, An ALUNY award, Four ACE Award Nominations and received an acknowledgment by the FBI-Hispanic Heritage Celebration for his exceptional service in the public interest. In 2005 Mr. Loarca moved to Los Angeles and Founded Teatro Akabal Theatre to create original works that advocate for social justice through the arts and provide a home for Central American artist and stories. Writer and director of “Sitting on a Fallen Tree” a play based on the testimony of Jesus Tecu Osorio (A survivor of the Rio Negro’s massacre) and written press, won the best new play contest at the CCEG in 2009 and has been performed In Guatemala and Los Angeles in several venues and universities for the last 13 years. Last toured with his autobiographical one man show LA FAMILIA DE EMANUEL a comedy about domestic violence with performances in Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, NY, NJ, CT, RI and LA where he was awarded Best Actor and Best Play by the audience at Los Angeles international Theater Festival. His new play “The Queer Thing” is set for a workshop production this spring. Film Credits: El Placer de dar Placer, War Within the Cartel, Snuff Dogs, The Return of Lencho, The Two Man, Delusions of Grandeur, Four Good Days, Matador, Above the Desert with no Name, Reward if Found, Alma, Los Aliens, Fullmoon, Collect Call, Calaveras, El sobre, Cine de Lux, Earthlings,Better Half among others. TV Credits: Young Sheldon, The Rookie, Hacks, Barry, Goliath, The L Word Generation Q, Tales of Titans, Criminal Minds, Castle, Jane the Virgin, The Bridge, Los Consejos de la Abuela, Susaneland, See Dan Run, Family Tools, Hard hats, Sex and the city, The Sopranos, Law & Order CI, Guiding light and American Cartel. Emanuel trained at The Raul Julia Training Unit: Three Years Graduate. Alba Oms’ Master Class. Luis dorrego, Tom Nelis, Luis Jimenes, Michael Becket, Oleg Kheyfels, Rasa Alan Kaslas, Miller Lide and Kimberly Jentzen. He is currently directing Alegria’s Poetry Jam set to open this fall.

The director Emanuel Loarca is a queer Latin filmmaker, who believes in the healing power and responsibility of his work. Not only for the viewers but also in a deep personal level for the creators as well. As a new film director Emanuel hopes to bring his vast experience and magic he nurtured in theater in the last 25 years to/and through the screen. His purpose is to connect with the viewers in a human and emotional level as they embark in this journey of transformation together.