Staci Edelstein

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I am South African born and ethnically Jewish. I have been living in Dubai since 2016 and I call Dubai my home. I was introduced to the world of film only a year back, by a friend of mine who is a screenwriter, director and actor and through him I became inspired to pursue my passion in screenwriting. I am actually an investment banker by profession and I am not formally trained in screenwriting. However I have a very creative mind and I consider myself a dreamer!

I have a love for understanding psychology and human relationships and I feel that characters are shaped by their experiences from their childhood. I like to portray real life, flawed characters shaped by their psychology in my work.

I began co-creating a series for television with a co-creator. It started with lots of excitement and energy however I realised sometimes it is difficult to combine two different streams of thought/creativity together for a project as well as timing. I believe timing has been a factor and we could not align times to finish the script. I will however continue with this project, solo.

Something real that the audience can relate to and something that can evoke raw emotion in the viewer.

I believe it is saturated with many talented writers and it is highly competitive.

This is my first short film screenplay and I believe it will be the first of many. The future will tell!

This is a necessity in order to strive for improvement and I gladly take on all constructive feedback. I want to grow and learn. We never stop learning.

I have written a bible for a Thriller Series Concept called “Honey Trap” which I am very excited about.

May there be more real, raw, sincere screenplays to come!

It all starts with a single thought, passion and a keyboard! Start Writing!

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!