Live Screening

Winter Edition 2023/2024

Feel free to check the official synopsis of Selected projects for the live screening 2024 below.

And congratulations once again to all the projects that are screened!

Barcelona Indie Awards reserves the right to change the list of films screened.

project synopsis


Directed by Luigi Di Domenico

On a late summer night, Tony and Laura stroll through the deserted and silent streets of the city. They remember the tender memories that keep them linked, but the time comes to clarify an old question that has been pending for several years that could change their relationship, forever.

The Use of the Past Participle

Directed by Katia Kissina

Mrs. D., an exhausted French teacher, is struggling to manage her daily life: some students are lagging behind, the school program is pushing her to move faster, and there are even those who judge her work harshly. But Mrs. D. doesn’t want to deviate from her mission for anything in the world. Caught between dream and reality, she will not rest until all her students, without exception, have understood the rule of past participle agreement.


Directed by Álvaro Gabarrón

One morning, an elderly woman grappling with Alzheimer’s awakens, gazes into the mirror, and, confronted with a stranger’s reflection, embarks on a poignant quest to rediscover the face she has carried through a lifetime, now altered overnight.

The Female Side Effect

Directed by Alex Garcia Mallarini

After the death of a patient, Dr. Elena Pizano comes across data gaps in a new drug being studied. Her discovery uncovers a dark truth in the world of medicine, and the organizations looking to cover it all up.

From Pain to Beauty

Directed by Elena Del Mar

This is the story of a woman whose heart was ripped out.
But the Ocean gifted her with a new one.
With this new heart, she felt free for the first time.
And then, she began to dance…

La Burbuja del Bebé

Directed by Ivan Marković

A young couple is trying to repair their relationship, while the mother is going through a postpartum depression, slowly turning into a psychosis.

Things I never did

Directed by Teresa Ruiz

Three middle-aged women gather at the home of one of them to help her fulfill one of her wishes.

El Cant dels Ocells - Quico Tretze i Òmnium Cultural

Directed by Alexandra Pille

An international production to fight for freedom of expression. In this music video, the activists convey their message with the power of their gaze, expressing what is forbidden to articulate through words, making the message even more potent. The song “El Cant dels Ocells” (The Song of the Birds) is a traditional Catalan Christmas carol that has gained international recognition. It holds historical and cultural significance, often associated with messages of hope, freedom, and resilience.

In Spain, the existing legal framework regards peaceful protests as a potential threat to public security, imposing significant fines for acts of civil disobedience and criminalizing online speech. This grants exceptional powers to security services, simultaneously restricting the safeguards afforded to citizens. As political tensions escalated between Madrid and Barcelona following the independence referendum, the limitations on free speech and assembly have intensified.

My Little Girl

Directed by Emanuel Loarca

A touching and uplifting mother-daughter journey through time. You experience how love overcomes suffering and builds lasting memories that give meaning to life and strengthen the soul.


Directed by Isabel Bernal

Do you have to tell your partner everything? What is the difference between sincerity and being too sincere?

My cruel friend

Directed by Karina Luchinina

The song of the Latvian actress Karina Luchinina, written on the verses of the 19 century poetry .
The beauty of the syllable can be seen less and less in contemporary musical art, but the poetry is extremely modern and pleasing to the ear. So why not give it a modern sound?
This is the debut work of actress Karina Luchinina as director and producer of the music video. The video was filmed in the historical part of Tallinn in the summer of 2020 in the oldest Dominican monastery in Estonia and on the famous medieval street Katarina käik. A musical group from Estonia “Bacalao Fabuloso” also took part in the recording of the song and in the filming of the video.
In the costumes and details of the props, you can catch not only the breath of the past, but also the symbols of the two Baltic countries.
The video contains a lot of unsaid and elusive, symbolic and philosophical. Everyone can see and feel something of their own.


Directed by Georgi M. Unkovski

37 year old Dejan finds himself at odds with the law after a local DMV is out of registration stickers and is unable to renew his car registration. Determined to continue on the journey to see his daughter, Dejan faces a series of events which test his commitment to being a responsible father.


Directed by Eva Riley

Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English town, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a mysterious and forbidden world.