Danil Panov

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Briefly, the film tells about human beings under God’s allegiance. 
How important His presence is in our hearts. We shall know, how to help yourself in this world full of dark nets. God is the way of getting your inner freedom, which seems right now like luxury. 
From interesting moments of my young years, I got an opportunity for studying at Oklahoma Baptist University. In spite, I have taken only 3 full Moons of it, Universal reminded that there were personal matters. “From traffic to God” is not my first work, but one of the first published projects. With moving to Miami, FL, I got a feeling of great power and simultaneously a big frustrating. New city, new opportunities and more doubts. My mom told me that I should had not be taking burden of that “Big Concrete Jungles” to my heart and made film about gotten experience at OBU. Return favor to God.
My story is taking a start from far sky-field country. Kazakhstan. Even in my childhood I was falling love in movies and theatre and still doing doing that. Most of my time I was devoured by music (Finished Musical college by piano class), ballroom dancing (I have been dancing for ten years and taking national and international awards) and watching movie, copying the characters was my launch button. During my 17-19 years, I was preparing for studying at Moscow Art Theatre. By the way, I got an opportunity to work with master from that academy for several years polishing my acting skills. Filmmaking stuff I’m picking from old editing books, knowledges of that are so important and applicable in our days.
One of the my child dreams was being an Achilles from the picture “Troy”. I liked that film and thrilled watching it.
The best director, inspiring me is life. We’re acting in that play but not knowing a script, the life’s script. 
Mostly, I do like Soviet-Russian directors: Leonid Gaidai, Vladimir Menshov, Sergei Bondarchuk and other. Certainly, I couldn’t not to say about Hollywood directors as: Federico Fellini, Stiven Spielberg and plenty of them.
I’m not assured that “Titanic” is my favorite film which I’ve watched thousands times, my favorite is “The Godfather”. No opponents for Don Corleone and his offer.

It’s definitely hard question for giving thoughts, as well, as you are living in that brunch, you don’t have special start dates. Back to my childhood, all answers are over there.

The biggest challenge is to challenge yourself. The film took around half of week to see the sunrise. Right now, I do make films by my own, without any external help. That is a bit of complicated moment, however, enjoying the process – you can do what you want to do. Imagination is more than knowledge.

Plenty of crew. Only I’m. Doing each project by yourself, you have to spend more time and energy on it for getting the picture in your mind. It’s the reality and reason to find out the way. Less is more.

No one expected and even me that it must be some sort of film. Audience is happy than whenever, especially I do an accent on religious viewers of that picture. However, it doesn’t matter. That project is applicable for all audience types. Beautiful shots, situations and sense.

Will or won’t, classic movies are prime options for superior start. As for me, I caught too many basic elements of filmmaking which are relevant right now. Filmmakers of our days concentrate on virtual and digital cellulars, but our Hollywood ancestors have been telling us about acting. Modern films are not too interesting, the way why, viewers do not see feelings.

Film festivals are quite an important element for starting and showing your point of view to the world. Having concurrents, opponents you are under circumstances of developing your skills and you’re on the path of growing. Like it.

I can’t lay all my cards on the table but it’s not our the last date in the cinema world. Academy Award?

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!