Debra Knox

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I have suffered from depression and I wanted to show an honest, uncensored depiction of what it’s like to be lost in a frightening delusional world.

I’ve always been performing and come from a creative family. I started putting on shows when I was 4 and feel most at home in the story world of my imagination. The first movie that rocked my world was The Wizard of Oz, with its flying monkeys and evil green faced witch. I was always on her side!

Hitchcock, Fellini, Woody Allen, Roger Corman, John Waters. Favorite movie is the low budget horror film Carnival of Souls directed by Herk Harvey.

I see everything as if it’s a movie. Finally as technology has become more accessible I took matters into my own hands and filmed, directed and edited Hearing Voices myself, capturing all the dark images I could release as demons, freeing them at last. Not listening to others unwanted opinions.

It was during the pandemic, so a few actors became sick and we had to delay production. Also learning to edit.

It was a long hard process of learning the editing program, mainly the tech side of it. And 6 months in I lost the edit! I thought I would lose my mind, but of course it came out better then ever because of this. Haha, I can say this now.

I’m blown away at the audiences appreciation and love for the film. Some saying it’s the most creative piece of film they have seen, and mental health professionals saying that Hearing Voices truly captures the tortured mind of a schizophrenic. Others love the shadows used and the provocative dark images and fear that is captured.

If you’ve seen my film you would know the answer to this. And why does everything have to be orange and teal?! I have to create from my heart and soul regardless of the reaction from others. Of course I’d love to make money as a filmmaker, but art is the most important aspect of this sometimes lovely, sometimes brutal existence.

How do you get the most out of them? Film Festivals are FANTASTIC! It’s a proactive venue to reach the world by clicking a button and submitting your dream. If possible find the ones that have live screenings and if your film is there by all means GO! Have fun! We deserve to be with other artists and ignite a fire in the heart of not only ourselves but in others.

I’m in post production for my upcoming film How Awful About Kevin, a look at an ordinary unachieved man who choses to take his life, as seen through the eyes of the three people who loved him. I have many many stories to tell and am determined to never give up no matter what!

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!