Frank Reyes

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DANTE. This short is the story of two young vampires, Dante and Sol. Dante has confined himself in a tower. There he is totally isolated from the people of “the outside world”. Until one day Sol comes to bring him out of his exile. Sol will persevere to pull Dante out from the tower. In order to achieve it she will use the power of love, but not that of a conventional love. Hers is a generous, courageous and empathetic love. Behind this, in appearence fantasy story, we shall find the story of two youngsters trying to find a place of their own. It will be then the story of our own daily struggle trying to find a place in a world that is not certantly made for vampires or human beings. As an idea for making a film, Dante was the result of a visit to an abandon tower alike building where my first tought was to put a vampire meditating about the boredom of being inmortal.

I am originally a theater character. During many years I joined some independent theater groups in Chile and in Sweden. But I left the stage because I was a bad actor. Then I started my cinema way doing some documentaries. Then I had a break, and after many years I rediscovered film making and in Spain I started doing documentaries an fiction cinema.
My favo directors are, among many, Kurosawa, Carol Reed, Coppola, Scorcese, Hitchkock. My favorite movies will be The Third Man, Seven Samurais, The adventures of baron Munchausen, etc.
When I was seven years old I saw a reel of Popeye the sailor. Then I knew cinema should be a passion of mine for Life.

The biggest challenge was making this movie with young and unexperienced staff. Their passion for making movies was the reason I chose them.

From the beginning I had a very clear idea about the movie. But doing it demanded myself to accomodate to a limited budget and lack of proper equipment.

The reception of DANTE has been positive from the very first shows. Most young people feels that the movie talks about their own situation trying to fit in a world that is more and more hostile to them, Sometimes some part of the young audience identifies itself with that tower as their own prison.

Well, as the great Fellini once said: “everything is written, everything is done… and better!” Maybe it is not a very original idea you need to make a movie, but a new angle to see things.

Online festivals are a product of this time of social media, but still real, live festivals, have an important role to play in order to motivate emerging producers, directors, actors, and technicians as well in giving them an opportunity to show their work to make contact and create social network in real Life..

Future plans? I think I am ready to jump into a long format film. I had a very powerful story about two women. Preproduction work is going well. I am very confident that my staff and I will create a nice story.

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!