Imre Mazlo

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My basic thought was that there is no innocent person in the world, since everybody has lied at least once in his life. This made me think: which segment of humanity owns the biggest potential of comitting sins, thereby who are those people who sacrifice themselves for humanity. These are not monks or priests or rabbis or nons, for they are good at heart. This led me to those people who carry the biggest weight on their shoulders: who are the politicians. Some of them are carried away by power, but a great percentage of them serve their country indeed. Anyhow, they all work on sundays, they do lie, they do kill because if it is in their interests, they have to initiate wars. These politicians are the real victims either they know it or not.

I grew up in the communist Hungary, living next to a movie theater. This was my only chance to have an insight into the outer world. We were not allowed to travel, so movies were my only possibilities to get familiar with the Wild West, or even Mars. All movies made me enthralled.

Two of the directors who inspire me the most are Peter Greenway and Stanley Kubrick. My favourite movies are: The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover and for personal reasons the other one is Cafe de flore.

Yes, in 1995, when I gave up everything I had in Hungary where I was somebody and I went to the US where I was nobody.

To find that particular actor who is able to act the way I lead him.

Nothing really. Everyone was very enthousiastic about this project.

The movie has not been screened yet so there is no review so far. However, the film has already won it’s first competition that it was submitted to (Best Shorts Competiton), so hopefully this could be considered as a good review.

I believe that it is not obligatory to always create something original but is is essential if one would like to deliver a message to the audience. Without originality the director is nothing else but a good working craftman.

Yes of course. Filmmaking industry could not exist without the tremendous help that festivals can give them. Festivals are necessary because they connect filmmakers with experts who make it easier to deliver movies to a wider audience. Festivals are giving incentives to all participants of this industry so that they emerge, improve, outstand and measure themselves from time to time, leading to a continuous evolution.

I have many unique ideas in my mind, some of them are already in a script format so I am hoping to find some investors to start shooting.

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!