Peter Takla

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The submitted project name “Portrait” and it`s about an artist who loses his valuable piece of art and learns that giving up is not an option, this story is not only Artists related but also it is for everyone who had passion and dream in life and works hard to make it into realty, sometimes a lot of challenges are on the way, but challenges would never stop us but encourage us to work harder until we achieve our goal.

I am an Egyptian American filmmaker who is driven by Passion of Artistic Storytelling, I am inspired by artistic passion to to provide messages through all my films not only for just entertainment but to have a great life morals while enjoying a visual story.

I am inspired by different types of directors but the most one is James Cameron and his great Movie “Titanic” as well as many more, Avatar, Terminator, True lies.

Stories can be told in many ways but in my point of view filmmaking would be the best , we as filmmakers provide visual story and bring the written story into life, i used to do stage plays and then i had a turning point that motivated me towards the beauty of cinema, there is a great difference between stage plays and films is that in films everything is shot in it`s particular location where it should actually happen and thus feels more realistic to tell a story.

One of the biggest challenges as a filmmaker is distribution , to have all this hard work and the message behind it to be delivered to the right audience and to as many people as possible.

Casting is always very important to find the right fit for each character in my case I had the 2 main character Bishoy who played Adam is from Ohio, And Dina Who played Caroline is from Washington, filming location was determined to be in Los Angeles California, both of them did not hesitate to travel following their passion in order to have this piece of art brought into life.

Audience were so involved with the inspiring message behind the movie story specially the movie ending part with a song named “Hold on to your Dreams” which was very encouraging and inspiring to people has any difficult situation achieving their goals and gives motivation to keep fighting until winning, and giving up is not an option.

I always believe that every filmmaker should be unique and always bring something original there is no limit for creativity and sky is the limit.

Film festivals play very important role in the film industry first of all provide screening to huge amount of film projects that were not lucky enough to make their way to the big screen, as well as connecting filmmakers together who have the same passion which in turns provide motivation and support for their next project.

Just done with post production for a Drama Action Featured film “Order To kill” will be released soon and also i am working on another featured comedy.

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!