Yannis Aivazis

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Our film is purely about freeing the soul of our hero! a pure drama transforms into a sympathy for the hero by seeing his pure soul and his absolute redemption from what he doesn’t know he has, his illness!

In August 2021, while finishing a film in Greece, starring (this is my main profession) with Manu Bennett, Vassili Tsikara’s film five, I met Stavro Parcharidi who played a small role! When we met in Athens at the end of the film, he came to my production offices and brought me a comedy to read! While reading it, I stopped at a speech of its protagonist! When we met again, without him knowing it, I turned it back, but changing everything, I kept the protagonist and made it out of comedies into a drama! Immediately, however, I knew that my protagonist was Stavros! he liked it and we immediately started rehearsals and production!

I’ve been an actor since 2004, I’ve been lucky enough to star mainly in Greece since the beginning of my career, I’ve been directing mainly theater since 2012 and this is the first full-length film in my career! we have so far received 29 international awards, of which 10 are for directing for Abyss In and 8 for leading actor!
My first cinematic inspirations come from European cinema! I love Kyslovski very much and as a director I believe that you have to give space to the actor to perform, what a shot or a movement says cannot be said by thousands of words! Kyslovski’s trilogy is an anthem and an example, I believe, for all filmmakers!

Ever since I was a young actor, even during the breaks I liked to ask questions! I always admired all the technicians and I was with them asking what and how! I had the opportunity and the honor to be directed by the greatest directors in Greece and it is an honor for me that I learned a lot next to them.

From the moment I finished the script I was really prepared for what I will face! A lot of rehearsals, because the character of yanni was quite difficult to not be graphic, we did a lot of rehearsals! As for the shots and the texture, I knew exactly what I wanted from the beginning when I wrote the script! what was that ; room for the hero to move as an actor! no words! Surely the biggest difficulty is to tame nature! he treated us beautifully!

Because I like everything to be in my hands, I have the first and last word! I spent an unlimited amount of time doing the pre-editing myself, so I was able to correct possible mistakes! Surely the biggest challenge was for the actors to be able to enjoy their characters and bring them to life completely.

I believe that they like the film because it touches their hearts! Besides, I didn’t expect when I was filming that it would have such an impact! But you see that when something is done with love and truth and don’t spend a lot of money for it, the world understands and rewards!

I believe that every director should take the risk of showing his own eyes. Everyone can copy and go with the flow of the season! However, what remains is the original.

International festivals play the most important role in the world of cinema! In addition to giving opportunities to new filmmakers, they also create new trends!

I’m already in the pre-production of my next film! Also, I’m preparing for my next role – let’s not forget I’m also an actor and as an actor I’ll star in a film by a dear director friend of Bruno Pischiota! My film Abyss In continues its journey to international festivals and I still dream with it.

Thank you for this inspiring interview and for taking the time to honestly answer all the questions. The BIA team wishes you great success with your next projects!